jerry24_it (jerry24_it) wrote,

Попасная, 07.10.2015

Последствия обстрела позиций ВСУ близ н.п.Троицкое (2 выстрела из ПТРК (по утверждению ОБСЕ, 9М111), ранены 4 украинских военных, поврежден экскаватор):

ОБСЕ: "In government-controlled Troitske (69km north-west of Luhansk) the SMM observed a damaged military excavator that the local Ukrainian Armed Forces commander in Troitske claimed had been struck by an anti-tank guided missile earlier in the day. The SMM observed remnants consistent with parts of anti-tank guided missiles (9M111). The SMM assessed that the missiles had been fired from the east or south-east. The SMM observed a military prosecutor, the Ukrainian Armed Forces officer at the JCCC and military police arriving at the site." (c)
Tags: ВСУ, Попасная

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